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Restoring Wood Floors is Our Specialty.

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Our sandless, one-day floor refinishing process is simple, effective, and affordable. Experience the convenience of one-day floor refinishing with Clean ReCoat.


By gently refinishing the surface of solid wood flooring, Clean ReCoat returns your wood floor’s original beauty—without the dusty mess. This only further protects and seals your wood floor for you to enjoy for many years to come.

Trust Clean ReCoat for a beautiful floor that stands the test of time.

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Traditional refinishing methods aren't possible on engineered floors. That's why we created our seamless, transformative Clean ReCoat Process.


The Clean ReCoat Process is the only viable option to restore the original vibrancy of your floors if they have thin veneer or a layer of hardwood floor product on top. Our process is truly the only option built to protect the beauty of these floors, sealing them for you to enjoy for years into the future.

LVP (Luxury Vinyl Plank) and Laminate

The Clean ReCoat Process is the only option to extend the wear life of LVP and Laminate floors. With the inability to refinish these floors traditionally due to the bonding layers of the floor product, you need the additional layer of protection that our process entails. With our help, your floors will be beautiful for years to come.

Restoring Wood Floors is Our Passion and Specialty.

Next, Choose the Desired Sheen for Your Floor


Satin sheen has about 40% luster, making it easy to keep clean as it disperses light and minimizes imperfections and dirt. Due to the low maintenance required, this is our most popular sheen at Clean ReCoat!


Semi-gloss sheen is a mid-level sheen with a medium level of luster, causing more light to reflect or shine from the floor. With more luster than satin but less gloss, this is an excellent choice for specific rooms and enjoyed by many of our customers.


Gloss sheen provides the highest luster, creating a glossy appearance on your floor. This sheen reflects the most light, resulting in this shiny appearance—much more than semi-gloss or satin floors.

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Our process is perfect for ensuring your company floors look their absolute best. Whether you have a gymnasium, studio, restaurant, office, or event space, our Clean ReCoat Process ensures no downtime. You can quickly get back to what matters the most: your customers.

Let our experts walk through your commercial space and provide a comprehensive estimate. We are confident you’ll be glad you chose Clean ReCoat for your floor refinishing—and we know you’ll love the low prices!

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