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How does the Clean ReCoat process work?​

Clean ReCoat uses proprietary products to refinish floors in one day using our exclusive Clean ReCoat Process. This entire process costs less than half of traditional wood floor refinishing costs. In only a few hours, you’ll walk on freshly cleaned, recoated floors that look as good as new!

Your floors will be transformed into a beautiful, recoated surface in just one day—often only five to six hours!

You may choose from three different sheens: satin, semi-gloss, or gloss, The lowest sheen or shine is the satin, which is also the most popular among our customers due to the ease of care and maintenance over time. We advise our customers that the higher the sheen, the less forgiving the appearance will be with showing dust and debris. The price for all sheens is the same and included in the Clean ReCoat service.

That’s right—no dust! Since our unique process uses a combination of chemical and mechanical abrasion, your floors will not be sanded traditionally. This eliminates the mess and dust from sanding, making the process quicker and more efficient.

If a floor is maintained using Clean ReCoat’s care and cleaning recommendations, you can have a beautiful floor for years. We suggest that our Clean Only service is performed every two years to ensure long-lasting results. Clean ReCoat guarantees our services for one year, and the products we use are guaranteed for up to five years.

Yes, please remove everything from the flooring that must be treated before our arrival. For an additional fee, our team can move some smaller items without your home or clean around larger pieces if you prefer that they are left in place. We also provide contacts for moving companies with whom our customers have worked if desired. When replacing items after service, it is important to gently place items and not “scootch” them.

Yes! Our exclusive, fast-drying finishes dry quickly, allowing you to walk on your floor within a matter of hours. The finish will be fully cured within 30 days, so careful treatment until then is strongly recommended.

Within hours of completion, you can walk and move about your floors again. We recommend socks only for up to 24 hours. We also recommend minimizing and/or eliminating pet traffic for as long as possible to allow for the finish to cure. Pet nails cause the most damage to wood floors new or freshly recoated.

No, because our entire process is fully “green.” We don’t use any VOCs (volatile organic compounds), which makes it safer for you and your family during and after our Clean ReCoat Process.

A few days before your appointment, we will send a confirmation email with helpful tips to prepare you for your Clean ReCoat. Most importantly, we ask that all personal items (e.g., toys, pillows, loose change, etc.) and all furniture be removed from the floor before we arrive. If larger pieces are not moved, we will complete our process around them.

Our process removes all contaminants and germs from the floor, including the stained areas. The darkened color results from a chemical reaction with the wood penetrating through the layers of wood. To what degree the darkened areas can be lightened or removed cannot be determined ahead of time, but we will do our best to disguise and minimize their appearance.

Pricing for Clean ReCoat is typically less than half of that of traditional wood refinishing prices. Costs are assessed on a per-square-footage basis. Additional small fees may apply depending on the specific condition of your floor. We always provide a FREE in-home estimate with up-front pricing.

No. Our customers go about their daily activities in and outside of the home. They stay clear of the areas we are working in, but we try to create as little interruption as possible. It is entirely up to you since this service is designed to be as non-invasive as possible. Consult with us to learn more about what would be best for your situation.

These lines are referred to as “sunburning.” Sunburn (UV damage) is a natural reaction of the sun on the wood often penetrating well below the wood’s surface. It is unlikely any refinishing process will fully remove these lines; time and exposure to the sun have the most significant impact on making them less visible over time.

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