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Transform your worn-out wood floors into stunning masterpieces with our sanding and refinishing services at Clean ReCoat. Experience exceptional wood floor renewal today!

Our Streamlined Sanding and Refinishing Process

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Schedule your FREE Consultation today and let our experts assess your wood floor needs, offering tailored recommendations and pricing options for your space. We will answer your questions and ensure you have a personalized estimate that addresses your needs.

Coordinate and Plan the Service

Sit back and relax as we coordinate and plan every aspect of your wood floor renewal service, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience from start to finish with minimal disruption to your daily schedule.

Complete the Sanding and Wood Floor Finishing

Our skilled team will expertly complete the sanding and wood floor finishing process, transforming your floors into beautiful, durable surfaces that will last years. Our team can complete the work in a few days, ensuring your satisfaction and comfort.

Common Wood Floor Types We Sand and Finish

At Clean ReCoat, the typical wood floor types we sand and finish include hardwood, engineered wood, and laminate wood.

Hardwood Floors

Our expert team specializes in sanding and refinishing hardwood floors, bringing out the natural beauty and enhancing the durability of these timeless and elegant flooring options.

Engineered Wood Floors

From cleaning to finishing, we have the knowledge and experience to revitalize engineered wood floors, making them look new and providing long-lasting protection against wear and tear.

Laminate Wood Floors

Our skilled professionals are well-equipped to breathe new life into laminate wood floors, restoring their appearance and extending their lifespan with expert sanding and finishing techniques.

Which Sheen Would You Like?


A 5-gallon bucket of Clean ReCoat’s privately labelled polyurethane finish

Offers a smooth and silky finish with a soft glow that reflects light, giving your wood floors a fuller and richer appearance.


A 5-gallon bucket of Clean ReCoat’s privately labelled polyurethane finish

Provides a durable and stain-resistant finish that reflects more light than satin, creating a shiny and polished look that highlights details.


A 5-gallon bucket of Clean ReCoat’s privately labelled polyurethane finish

Offers a high-shine finish that reflects the most light, making your wood floors look bright and attention-grabbing, perfect for a modern and sophisticated feel.

The Benefits of Sanding and Finishing Your Floor

Enhanced Durability

Sanding and finishing your floor can strengthen the surface, making it more resistant to daily wear and tear for many years, enhancing your home’s value. Our team will ensure your floors last many years to come while also allowing you to enjoy:

Experience the Clean ReCoat Difference
Our Technicians are Masters at Restoring Your Wood Floors

Exceptional Value at an Affordable Price

Restore the beauty of your floor without breaking the bank. Our cost-effective sanding and finishing service offers affordable solutions to bring new life to your space, saving you money without compromising quality.

Our Pricing is Simple & Transparent

When you work with Clean ReCoat, we ensure our pricing and services are as transparent as possible. With our company, what you see is what you get, and we pride ourselves on this client commitment. Choose Clean ReCoat for enhanced transparency and prices that are a fraction of what others charge.


When you call our dedicated customer support team, we will schedule a FREE consultation to provide you with an estimate. We want to ensure you have all the information to make an informed decision.


Unlike competitors, our prices are a fraction of what others charge. Clean ReCoat’s commitment to affordability and quality creates many happy customers. You’ll see our value when we provide your estimate.


When you work with Clean ReCoat, you get an estimate sometimes within the same day you call! We can visit your property within hours, ensuring you have all the information you need to choose your wood floors.

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How long does the sanding and finishing process take?

The duration depends on the area’s size and the floor’s condition. Generally, it takes a few days to complete.

Our professional sanding process can effectively remove your floor’s deep scratches, stains, and imperfections.

We offer a range of finishes, including matte, satin, semi-gloss, and gloss, allowing you to choose the level of shine and look you desire.

Sanding and finishing are suitable for most hardwood and engineered wood floors. However, it may not be ideal for laminate or vinyl floors.

The frequency of sanding and refinishing depends on the level of foot traffic and wear on your existing floors. Generally, it’s recommended every 5-10 years.

While it is possible to stay in your home, vacating the premises during the sanding and finishing process is recommended for your comfort and safety.

Regular sweeping, mopping with a damp cloth, and using furniture pads can help maintain the beauty and longevity of your refinished floor.

Yes, we can discuss color options during the consultation phase, and our team can help you achieve the desired color or stain for your floor.

If a floor is maintained using Clean ReCoat’s care and cleaning recommendations, you can have a beautiful floor for years. We suggest that our Clean Only service is performed every two years to ensure long-lasting results. Clean ReCoat guarantees our services for one year, and the products we use are guaranteed for up to five years.

Please remove everything from the flooring that must be treated before our arrival. For an additional fee, our team can move some smaller items without your home or clean around larger pieces if you prefer that they be left in place. We also provide contacts for moving companies with whom our customers have worked if desired.

Yes! Our exclusive, fast-drying finishes dry quickly, allowing you to walk on your floor within hours. The finish will be fully cured within 30 days, so careful treatment until then is strongly recommended.

Within hours of completion, you can walk and move about your floors again. We recommend socks only for up to 24 hours. We also recommend minimizing pet traffic, if possible.

Does this process produce a chemical smell or unwanted odors?

A few days before your appointment, we will send a confirmation email with helpful tips to prepare you for your Clean ReCoat. Most importantly, we ask that all personal items (e.g., toys, pillows, loose change, etc.) and all furniture be removed from the floor before we arrive. If larger pieces are not moved, we will complete our process around them.

Our process removes all contaminants and germs from the floor, including the stains. The darkened color results from a chemical reaction with the wood penetrating through all the layers. To what degree the darkened areas can be lightened or removed cannot be determined ahead of time, but we will do our best to disguise and minimize their appearance.

Pricing for Clean ReCoat is typically less than half of that of traditional wood refinishing prices. Costs are assessed on a per-square-footage basis. Additional small fees may apply depending on the specific condition of your floor. We always provide a FREE in-home estimate and up-front pricing to ensure clarity and communication.

These lines are referred to as “sunburning.” Sunburn (UV damage) is a natural reaction of the sun on the wood. While any floor refinishing process will not entirely remove them, time and exposure to the sun have the most significant impact on making them less visible over time.

What Our Customers Say About Clean ReCoat

A+++ I can't express how happy I am with this company. Top notch and professional all while giving you that family owned down to earth service for a lot less than you would expect to pay. Employee was diligent and hardworking. They went above and beyond and the results are amazing. Thank you so much!!!

Kory Jacobs


From the estimate, scheduling, crew, the process & finished product, absolutely fantastic. The fact that we didn’t have to spend the night elsewhere, and the floors look more beautiful than when we had them sanded and restained. We highly recommend Clean ReCoat!

Cheri Rich


Fantastic employees. Great price.

Matt Plummer


Thank you Nicholas! You did a great job!! I am very pleased with the outcome.

Judy Schuler


I’ve used Clean ReCoat on more than one project — and even referred friends to use them, too. Now my floors are beautiful again. 🙂

Aaron Belz


Everyone at this company is very nice and professional! We had our first floor recoated in preparation for listing our house and they look fantastic. Highly recommend Clean ReCoat!

Sherry LeBlanc


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