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What is the difference between Murphy’s Wood Cleaner and Murphy’s Oil Soap?

Check out these two bottles of Murphy’s Oil Soap. The one on the left is Murphy’s Oil Soap's old label design and the one on the right is the new

Is Rejuvenate good for hardwood floors?

No! Rejuvenate should never, ever be put on a wood floor. Absolutely do NOT use it. Here’s why: Instead, of making you scroll all the way down and read through this

Drag Marks and Scratches on Wood Floors

Wood floors are a beautiful and timeless addition to any home. However, they can easily become damaged, especially in high traffic areas. One common issue that homeowners face is drag

6 Easy Steps to Remove Scratches from Wood Floors

Wood floors are a beautiful addition to any home, but they can easily become scratched and damaged over time. Whether it’s from furniture, pets, or everyday wear and tear, scratches

Fixing Faded Wood Floors

Wood floors are vulnerable to sunlight exposure. When exposure to these changes impacts the appearance of a wood floor, certain options are available to repair and correct the changes in

Refinishing Engineered Wood Floors to Their Former Glory

Refinishing engineered wood floors to bring back their former glory and beauty is a process that can be done quickly and with much less effort than ever before.
Well appointed living room with wood floors and window looking out to back yard

The Best Cleaning Methods for Wood Floors

The best cleaning methods to make your wood floors long-lasting and shiny are shared in this blog.
Should you use Murphy's Oil Soap?

Should You Use Murphy’s Oil Soap?

No. You should absolutely NOT use Murphy’s Oil Soap to clean your wood floors! Here’s why: The simple answer is that Murphy’s Oil Soap doesn’t do what people think it does. It

Wood Floor Maintenance

Wood Floor Care and Maintenance Tips

Cleaning and maintaining beautiful new wood floors can seem daunting, especially with misleading floor cleaners available on the market. Here are some maintenance tips to keep them looking their best.

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