Wood floors restored in one day with no dust!

Our Before and Afters Demonstrate the Power of the Clean ReCoat Process

38 Meyer-Before 38 Meyer-After

Finish worn to bare wood causing dirt and grime to accumulate.

18 Lannert - Before 18 Lannert - After

Late 1800's historic floors repaired and restored with Clean ReCoat.

07 Pronger - Before 07 Pronger - After

Scratches disguised with color correction.

08 Burns Before 08 Burns After

Wax and acrylic removed to reveal oak floor's natural beauty.

04 Burns Before 04 Burns After

Dirt and grime on wood floor removed to match existing flooring.

03 Burns Before 03 Burns After

Stain and thin layer of spray paint removed and Clean ReCoated.

47 Daum Before 47 Daum After

Old parquet floor hidden by carpet glue and neglect.

01 Daum Before 01 Daum After

Parquet floor revealed with the help of Clean ReCoat.

53 Wagner - Before 53 Wagner - After

Residue from wrong cleaning products removed with Clean ReCoat.

52 Thomas - Before 52 Thomas - After

Carpet pad tape removed and Clean ReCoated.


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