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Why Choose Wood Flooring for Your Home?


Hardwood floors are full of character, life, and warmth, adding a lovely aspect to your home. Different types of wood bring various features: some softer and lighter, while others are more dark and sturdy. Understanding which wood suits your home best can make or break the visual foundation of your house! Let us guide you through your options and help you choose the most fitting hardwood for your family, your home’s value, and your lifestyle.

Why Install Hardwood in Your Home?

Hardwood floors are indeed a timeless gem and versatile addition to any home. Not only are they practical for many lifestyles, but they are also durable and easy to clean– perfect for a variety of families! Although slightly more costly to purchase than tile, for example, they require little maintenance, are more easily repaired, and do not need to be replaced nearly as often as other flooring such as carpet. In addition, hardwood floors last long, use fewer chemicals than synthetic materials, and add unmatchable beauty to your home.  

How to Choose the Best Hardwood Flooring

Your family and your home are unique; we recognize that! Not every wood floor is going to suit every home. Luckily there are many choices to select from. Yet, there are a few things first to consider. Firstly, consider your budget. You may investigate reclaimed wood flooring if you’re running on a tighter budget. Although reclaimed wood flooring may show minor signs of wear and tear, it will hold abundant character and charm for a fraction of the price of new flooring. However, modestly priced new flooring is also an excellent choice, for example, Oak. And, of course, more high-end and exotic woods inhabit the market. 

Another factor to consider is the durability and maintenance requirement of your floors. Many incredible hardwood options, such as Woven Bamboo and Cherry; are very reasonably priced and durable choices! They are more resistant to knicks, scratches, and other minor damages than some other hardwoods. 

Types of Wood Flooring 

There are dozens of options of species alone, ranging from Oak to Cherry (more traditional hardwood flooring) and the newer rise of Cork and Bamboo! Oak, Cherry, and Maple are all classic flooring choices. They are easily accessible, very common, and highly durable. Additionally, Hickory proves to be harder and more durable than the former three. These four options are great for many homes– they are stylish and tough enough to withstand typical weathering. These options are also an excellent value for what you’re getting, according to HomeAdvisor.com. If you’re looking for a cheaper option, consider Bamboo! It is incredibly durable and very eco-friendly due to its quick growth rate. Needless to say, there are plenty of options to choose from. 

When to Sand or Replace Wood Floors 

Over time, wear and tear may begin to damage your floors. At a certain point, it may be time to refinish or replace your flooring fully. Refinishing your wood sands down past the polyurethane finish to the bare wood. It can be re-stained due to its porosity if desired. Most people think this is the only option for making your wood floors look beautiful again. Full wood floor sanding to bare wood should only be completed if you want to change the color of stain used on your floor or the finish has failed and is peeling or scaling and is only an option if the integrity of your floors is still intact. If your wood floor is severely damaged and past the point of repair due to water contamination, poor installation, etc., then replacing your floors may be your best and only option. 

Refinish Your Wood Floor with Clean ReCoat

When your formerly stunning wood floors are beginning to show wear and tear and no longer look bright and clean, the Clean ReCoat Process is the best option. By deep cleaning your floors of all contaminants, we create a fresh surface upon which we then apply our proprietary commercial-grade finish in sheen of your choice. This process brings back the beauty of your wood floors in only a day and at a fraction of the cost of traditional wood floor refinishing to bare wood. Call us today for a free estimate.

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