Wood floors restored in one day with no dust!

A new way to restore hardwood floors!


Looking for an inexpensive and fast way to bring your wood floors back to looking their best?

Clean ReCoat refinishes your worn and damaged hardwood floors with no dust in only a day. Let us clean and restore them in just a day for a fraction of the cost of traditional wood floor refinishing. Also consider staying ahead of the wear and tear on your hardwood floors through our preventative maintenance. 

Foot traffic has a way of making your floor look dull and worn. With the everyday wear and tear of kids, animals, and the grime you track into your home, it doesn’t take long before your pristine floors begin to look beaten and bashed.

Our exclusive process deep cleans, power scrubs, and gently recoats your floors to restore them to their original appeal. By adding a layer of high-traffic, commercial-grade polyurethane, our technicians are able to elevate your floor’s cleanliness and appearance. Clean ReCoat provides a protective layer that extends the life and luster of your floors for years to come. See the results for yourself!

Our disinfecting cleaning process provides a 99.99% virus wash, while mechanically and chemically buffing the floor for our fast-drying finish that allows you to select the sheen (satin, semi-gloss, or gloss) that best compliments the style of your home.

Best of all, we offer a curing rate that gives you access to your home on the same day that the service is performed and at a fraction of the cost of traditional wood floor refinishing. Got questions? Give us a call any time at (636) 400-7444.

Refresh your floors today with Clean ReCoat!

A Little About Clean ReCoat

At Clean ReCoat, we provide complete hardwood floor care. Need to show a 100 year old floor some love? Good, we love saving old floors. Are your floors youngsters but a little banged and bruised from the dogs nails? We’ve seen a million times. With over 25 years of experience in and around the custom wood floor business we know our stuff and we’ll share it with you if it’ll help you solve a problem you have.

Are you ready to bring your floors back to life with our easy process? Contact us now to get the help you need!


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