What Makes Clean ReCoat Different?

Recently, a customer reached out to us after having a wood floor refinishing nightmare. Several months ago, this customer decided to have his floors completely sanded and refinished. However, the sanding process creates high amounts of dust which release fumes into the air of the home. Many floors, antique ones especially, are covered with a varnish that mixes with the dust and contaminates the home. After technicians sanded his floors, the refinishers coated the wood with a finish that they mixed with mineral spirits. Although they should not have done this, they did so to help the mixture spread more quickly and to dilute it so it could cover more square footage. This customer began to get sick as his home was filled with fumes, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and other toxins. Yikes! So, he had to remove this unsafe coating on his floors. He went through the sanding process once again– the dust and byproducts of the sanding were released all over his house; he even had to throw away all of his food, as this dust contaminated it! Thankfully, he finally called us for help. Let’s look at how our process is safer, easier, and more environmentally friendly than traditional wood refinishing.

Wet Sanding

First, our process does not include dry sanding of any kind. Our technicians describe it as ‘wet-sanding,’ meaning absolutely no dust in your home. This is a significant factor in our company’s environmentally friendly status. Without the dust, your home will not be contaminated with VOCs, fumes, pollutants, etc. We use a safe, low-speed buffer with a pH-neutral cleanser to deep clean your home’s floors– absolutely dust-free! This makes our floor resurfacing far safer than traditional wood refinishing and reduces pollution in the air.

Water-based Finishes

Another way that we maintain an environmentally friendly process is through the finish we use. Unlike other finishes, our water-based polyurethane is completely safe to apply with no ventilator and fully dries within 24 hours. Contrarily, an oil-based finish, for example, must be applied by a professional with a ventilator mask and does not fully dry for at least a few days. As a result, they release lots of VOCs and fumes throughout the curing duration. However, each of our projects is finished with water-based polyurethane– a durable, safer, and more eco-friendly option. And we never dilute our finishes with mineral spirits, unlike our poor customer’s first refinishers!

Final Thoughts

Overall, our Clean ReCoat process is entirely mess-free. Unlike total wood refinishing, we produce no dust, mess, or toxins throughout our time in your home. We are safe, cost-effective, and a perfect alternative environmentally and economically. If you’re looking for a harm-free and beautiful floor resurfacing, we are here to help. Avoid all the mess, damage, and danger associated with total refinishing. With sanding and complete refinishing, there can be unintended consequences; whether it’s a huge mess or contaminates your home, no one wants to deal with such a hassle! So, skip the struggle and annoyance– let us help rejuvenate your floors at a fraction of the price, with none of the mess. Then, when you’re ready to breathe life back into your floors, give us a call and download our free pricing brochure! 

A Little About Clean ReCoat

At Clean ReCoat, we provide complete hardwood floor care. Need to show a 100-year-old floor some love? Good, we love saving old floors. Are your floors youngsters but a little banged and bruised from the dog’s nails? We’ve seen it a million times. With over 25 years of experience in and around the custom wood floor business, we know our stuff and we’ll share it with you if it’ll help you solve a problem you have.

Are you ready to bring your floors back to life with our easy process? Contact us now or fill out our Free Estimate Form to get the help you need.


Clean ReCoat

Clean ReCoat

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