Really? No sanding & no dust?

One of the biggest questions we hear at Clean ReCoat is whether or not our process involves sanding and dust. Our short answer is no! We understand that dust can be a massive hassle in your home, especially when you have large areas of hardwood. But fear not, our Clean ReCoat process is completely dust-free hardwood floor resurfacing! So then, how can we effectively and efficiently refinish your floors without sanding? 

Our technicians describe our process partially as wet sanding – this means that there will be absolutely no dust from our service in your home. We use a deep cleaning machine that helps remove layers of wax build-up, dirt, debris, and contaminants from your floor, getting it squeaky clean (with no dust involved!).

Refinishing vs. Clean ReCoat

Our service differs slightly from completely refinishing a floor. When refinishing, technicians will sand down your floors, past the finish, to bare wood. This will remove scratches, tints, and finishes from the hardwood. The process of sanding produces a lot of dust, as you can imagine. Here’s how we’re different: instead of going down to bare wood, we deep clean and wet sand your floors to remove the surface dirt, grime, and build-up on your floor. This avoids all of the problematic dust produced by dry sanding. Not only is a total refinishing project highly labor intensive, but it’s also more expensive! Our service costs only a fifth the price of traditional wood refinishing, completed in just one day. You can check out our Recoating Vs. Refinishing blog to learn more!


A Sanding-Free Process

As we have discussed, our technicians describe our process as wet sanding. This means we deep clean your floors with a pH-neutral cleaning solution and use an autoscrubber to fully extract contaminants, bacteria, and other elements that could mar the new finish of your floors. Our process is environmentally friendly and does not release any harmful fumes or VOCs into your home.


Hi, we’re pleased to make your digital acquaintance!

At Clean ReCoat, we provide complete hardwood floor care. Need to show a 100-year-old floor some love? Good, we love saving old floors. Are your floors youngsters but a little banged and bruised from the dog’s nails? We’ve seen it a million times. With over 25 years of experience in and around the wood floor business, we know our stuff and we’re happy to share it with you if the price is right! 😉

Are you ready to bring your floors back to life with our easy, result-based process? Contact us now or fill out our Free Estimate Form to get the help you need.

Clean ReCoat

Clean ReCoat

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