Quick Tips for Decorating Small Spaces


Small rooms or offices can seem challenging to decorate and make them feel cozy. However, they also yield incredible potential! Your small space can feel like home with the right tips, layout, and decorations. We have a few styling tips to help you decorate and arrange your small space! Let’s check out our favorite suggestions:

1. Be mindful of the furniture setup

Setting up furniture in a tinier room can be difficult to manage. And it may take a few tries to reconfigure your area. Don’t lose hope; play around with the arrangement of your furniture. Certain configurations may help your site to feel more open and spacious than others. Take the time to experiment with your arrangement; note what feels most comfortable, relaxed, and flows well. If you try multiple setups, take pictures of each positioning so you can remember what feels best!

2. Incorporate your favorite/most comforting colors

Your space can feel genuinely yours when it highlights colors that feel right to you. When you walk in, seeing your favorite colors can help you instantly feel at home. Although you may not always have the luxury of painting your space, still find little ways to incorporate your color. A few ways to do this may be finding a rug, a throw blanket or pillow, a painting, or a chair in the said hue. However, there are countless more ways to include your color of choice into your space to make it feel more inviting.

3. Bring in a comfortable chair or small loveseat

If you’re in an office space or small bedroom, bringing in a chair for guests, clients, or yourself can be very helpful in creating a comfortable environment. Of course, if you have the room, adding a chair or a small bench/loveseat can help make a welcoming space that every person can enjoy. When there are options for seating, your room can flow more easily, allowing you and your guests to feel invited.

4. Take advantage of natural lighting

Many small spaces offer at least one window. Especially in tinier areas, these windows can light the space on their own. Natural lighting is terrific for making your room seem more open and eliminates the need for lighting fixtures or lamps, especially during the day. Not only does natural lighting make the space more comforting, but it also reduces the number of furniture pieces you need, such as a desk lamp.

5. Optimize storage space

In small areas, there is simply not enough room to spare! Thus, it is crucial to optimize your storage space fully. Consider a moderately sized shelving unit or bookshelf. Although it may take up some space, you can store boxes, knickknacks, photos, office supplies, and miscellaneous items in a much more compact area. Take full advantage of the storage in your room, and use bins or boxes to help organize the shelves. This can significantly reduce clutter from around your area and centralize it in one location.

If you’re worried about how to tackle decorating your small space, don’t worry. We get it! It takes time and fiddling with. Your area may not be ready to go with the first try at decorating. Often, you may need to try new things, move decor and furniture around, and see things from a different angle. Stay patient, and keep trying! Soon enough, your small space can feel like home.

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