Preparing for Your Floor Refinishing

So you’ve decided your floors are ready for a Clean ReCoat. Hooray! We are so excited to service your home. But, you may wonder how to prepare your floors and house before our technicians arrive. Additionally, you may be uncertain about how to care for your hardwood after your service. We’ve got you covered! Keep reading to learn how to prepare your floors for our service and care for them afterward.

Before Our Technicians Arrive

Primarily, we would like to emphasize how much of an honor it is to be in your home, rejuvenating your floors! There are a few helpful ways you can prepare to make our process go smoothly. First, our technicians will text you when they are on their way to your home. Before that, please ensure you remove all furniture from the areas you want us to service; otherwise, we will have to work around it; also, keep in mind to pick up smaller personal items, such as toys or blankets. Second, make sure that any pets are put away for the day, as they may accidentally walk on your freshly coated floors or get in the way of the process. We would hate for your new floors to be ruined! Finally, remember that our technicians need a water source to properly clean. A few excellent examples include a sink, bathtub, or outside hose. As long as we get some water, we will be set! Of course, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our techs or our customer experience team. 

After Your Service

We are so excited to see how you love your newly refreshed floors! And, of course, you want to keep them looking pristine. So how do you take care of your floors after we refinish them? First, we recommend not replacing furniture until 24 hours after the service; although you will be able to walk on your floors on the evening of the service day! Keeping furniture off the hardwood for 24 hours will ensure a seamless, even dry on the polyurethane coating. But don’t worry, you can still walk on your floors by dinner time on the day of your appointment; our service typically takes 3-4 hours with 2 hours of drying time. Well, after the wood is dry, then what? We recommend regularly cleaning your floors with a damp (not wet!) mop and a pH-neutral cleaning solution. To learn more, check out our Quick Cleaning Tip blog! However, if you are looking for routine maintenance on your floors, we also offer a cleaning-only service that power scrubs your floors at a discounted rate. Many of our customers choose this option when their hardwood is not quite ready for a full Clean ReCoat but could still use some deep cleaning. 

We are certain that you are going to love your new floors! And we are so excited to be of service to you and your family. Ensure that the service goes smoothly with our tips and reminders. We will have your hardwood floors looking new in just one day! 

A Little About Clean ReCoat

At Clean ReCoat, we provide complete hardwood floor care. Need to show a 100-year-old floor some love? Good, we love saving old floors. Are your floors youngsters but a little banged and bruised from the dog’s nails? We’ve seen it a million times. With over 25 years of experience in and around the custom wood floor business, we know our stuff and we’ll share it with you if it’ll help you solve a problem you have.

Are you ready to bring your floors back to life with our easy process? Contact us now or fill out our Free Estimate Form to get the help you need.


Clean ReCoat

Clean ReCoat

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