Our Favorite Christian-Owned Businesses in the St. Louis Area

As a Faith-based company, Clean ReCoat aims to glorify God in our work, mission, and values. In doing so, we hope to spread the love of Christ through all that we do! While our service is unique to other wood floor refinishing companies, our goal is to stand out in attitude as well. Many other local businesses in St. Louis share our mindset, faith, and overall purpose that we would love to highlight and promote. So, without further ado, here are our top 5 favorite Christian-owned businesses in the St. Louis area!


Our top five favorites at a glance:

  1. Teleo Coffee in Downtown Kirkwood
  2. More than Coffee in Manchester
  3. Ditto in Manchester
  4. Sia’s Italian Ice In Des Peres
  5. Reclaim Renew in Kirkwood

If you are interested in learning a little more about each of these activities/events, read the following descriptions to get our take on them!


Clean ReCoat - Teleo Coffee

1. Teleo Coffee – Loving Your Neighbor

Teleo Coffee, located in downtown Kirkwood is truly a gem to the city of St. Louis! The small business is located in an adorable repurposed house off Kirkwood Road, sitting quietly between the neighborhood and other nearby businesses. They feature a variety of delicious novelty coffees, lattes, and non-coffee beverages, also hosting several other local products such as Rolling Lawn Farm Milk, baked goods from Britt’s Bakehouse, honey from Weidner Farm, and more! Not only are their beverages incredible, but so is their statement.

Teleo’s mission is to “Love Your Neighbor,” as the Bible calls for; they prove they are doing just that through their partnerships, community outreach and give-back, and overall company attitude. You can even try their featured Love Your Neighbor latte (a delicious sea salt mocha)!!



Clean ReCoat - More Than Coffee

2. More Than Coffee – Outreach For Workers With Disabilities

Like Teleo, More Than Coffee has an incredible mission statement – and great beverages! Located in Ballwin, the small drive-thru coffee shop’s goal is to give back to its community in every way possible, whether through charitable donations, local outreach, or partnership with nearby organizations. One of their main standouts is their staff; More Than Coffee trains mentally and physically disabled employees to give them workplace experience, grow their skills, and move on to other jobs in the future. Loving and stewarding well is what they are all about! From lattes to cappuccinos, mochas, and lots extra, More Than Coffee has your caffeine and spiritual needs met.


Clean ReCoat -Ditto Resale Shop

3. Ditto Family Resale – Supporting Christian Education

While a Christian education is a wonderful opportunity for many families, tuition costs can often be a hurdle that limits one’s access to it. However, Ditto works to support eight local Christian schools through charitable donations, grant programs, and scholarship opportunities. The store stocks fantastic furniture, name-brand clothing, boutique items, and more! Decorating your home and adding to your wardrobe can be easily and wonderfully accomplished through the help of Ditto Resale. Not only can you remain fashionable, but you can also help support more accessible access to Christian education for many families and young students in the St. Louis area.


Clean ReCoat - Sias Italian Ice

4. Sia’s Italian Ice – A Healthier Dessert Alternative

Who doesn’t love a delicious, refreshing treat in the summer? Operated in Des Peres, Sia’s provides a locally hand-crafted assortment of Italian ices. The company partners with nearby schools, businesses, and stores in fundraising events to help support their communities. They operate out of a storefront on Manchester Road, and you can also find these flavorful treats in grocery stores such as Straubs, Whole Foods, and Fresh Thyme. The low-calorie desserts are sure to hit the spot!


Clean ReCoat - Reclaim Renew

5. Reclaim Renew – Beautiful Furniture, Beautiful Mission

It’s no secret that we love wood here–– so do our friends at Reclaim Renew! This company uses repurposed wood, primarily from torn-down barns, to create stunning and unique pieces ranging from mantel pieces, cabinets, decorations, furniture, and more. Aside from their wide range of beautiful products, Reclaim Renew partners with Rise Together Ministries, providing various resources to refugees and immigrants. The company as a whole touches nearby homes and the lives of many in inspiring ways.


One final thought!

We believe in the power of service. Our goal is to share the spirit of The Lord in everyday life, our attitudes, and our work. We love seeing other companies doing the same through a variety of fields, a multitude of professions, and several different walks of life. Stewarding the world well, in many different ways, allow us and other businesses to glorify God through our passions! 

If you know of a local company that you’d like to see make our list, give us an email at nlauer@cleanrecoat.com!


A Little About Clean ReCoat

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